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Chinese devices manufacturers as well as hardware leading edge industries are setting today’s industry standards. For some time now, the roles have changed. Thus, all the innovation, major achievements and state-of-the-art comes from Asia right now..

Smartphones with the so-called “Made in China” tag are currently deployed all over the world being an evidence that major manufacturers [Korean and American] are suffering a lack of innovation – and what’s even worse – they think they can fight this Chinese supremacy.

Reviews about the latest Chinese smartphones are at your disposal in our Blog. Both OEM devices and knockoffs are reviewed from a hardware point of view but also with a strong focus on quality and manufacturing quality levels.

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ROMS are probably one of the most demanded and skyrocketing demands from our users. Nearly 90% of the users decided to flash a cooked ROM into their devices. We are working hard to buuild a consistent and detailed database to fulfill our reader’s needs.

ROOT and superuser privileges management is another must-do for every Android geek out there. By rooting your device you can get rid of all those unwanted apps – either the ones that sometimes are stuffed with your brand-new phone such as Chinese apps or the ones that the carrier preinstalls as an OEM provider – discover the one-click-rooting world with us!

More manufacturers are releasing their devices everyday in China so we are benefiting from this crazy pace and also from the state-of-the-art technology and know-how.