HDC Note 3 N9000 review

hdc note 3 n9000 review

HDC Note 3 N9000 review : Good clone but 2GB RAM and MTK6589T would have been great.

HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9000 has arrived as a lightning. It is indeed a perfect clone of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (besides No.1 N3) that was launched worldwide a few days ago. It comes with some of the features of its genuine counterpart, such as Android 4.3 and all its gesture controls.

hdc note 3 n9000 review

As we saw on the HDC S4 Spark review combining a Samsung based ROM plus a MediaTek SoC you can get the same features genuine phones have such as Smart Scroll, TouchWiz, Air Command, Air Gesture, Air View and most of the tweaks you can get with a genuine Note 3.

Before deceiving anyone, this HDC Note 3 N9000 has neither NFC nor OTG. On the other hand you can use original cases with this device. Said that, let’s take a quick look over its main specifications:

Below you can see some GIFS taken from the seller’s Youtube video.

Here’s all the eye-candy stuff:

If you still get confused with all the Air-thingy features you can refresh your hypothalamus here.

hdc note 3 n9000 review

If you don’t want to stare nearly 15 minutes at your computer/laptop/tablet/phone screen you can get a glimpse over the GIFS just to get acquaint with this device capabilities.

Air Browse : Typical feature that enables to scroll pictures wiping your hand over the screen.

hdc note 3 n9000 review

Air Call : Taking a phone call has never been so easy with this thing.

hdc note 3 n9000 review

Multi Window: You need to install EverNote and it will allow you to drag and drop videos,pictures and stuff over your files (ppt,text,charts,etc).

hdc note 3 n9000 review

Air Command : This round widget will allow you to access to a bunch of shortcuts just by slightly hovering over the proximity sensor.

hdc note 3 n9000 review

Smart Scroll : Scroll webpages with your eyes (don’t know why they turned off the lights though)

hdc note 3 n9000 review


Pop-up Video : Place a video in your desktop or on any screen you want just by dragging it.

hdc note 3 n9000 review

GPS : And here comes the big improvement with GLONASS satelites (Russian) plus GPS (American) it reduces the locking time a lot (at least it seems like).

hdc note 3 n9000 review

Indeed, it is common sense, the more potential satellites out there to catch up with the shorter the catch up times. Read more about here. (Official Russian Glonass site in English)

hdc note 3 n9000 review

Camera : Yes, we know it is 13 MP and can take pictures up to…whatever just like all 13MP cameras out there, it comes with CMOS sensor though.

hdc note 3 n9000 review

You can get the camera app claimed in the video (Super Camera + Super Gallery) by clicking on the button below.

Download the app!

HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9000 REVIEW

Details: The back cover comes with sinthetic leather and with stitching imitation.

hdc note 3 n9000 review

On the other hand, it comes with an integrated stylus (hideable) but not as the original S-tylus

hdc note 3 n9000 review

As a reminder this phablet has neither NFC nor OTG. At the same time it has no InfraRed LED as its genuine counterpart has, bu it’s ok..too big to use it as a remote.

You can get this phablet [HERE].

Thanks for reading us and see you in the next post.

The Multicorechina.com Team

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  1. sadat

    you have over loaded the phones memory with too many apps uninstall some then your problem is fixed.

  2. husein

    i’m failed flash rom and my phone brick now, blank… anyone can help me?

  3. HDC

    I lost my S-Pen :(
    How can i buy the pen again (for the HDC Note 3)?
    Or can i buy the original pen?

    thanks :)

  4. denise

    my N9000 is giving me problems when I call or receive a call, the screen goes black and I can’t stop the call till I take out the battery. What’s going on?

    • multicorechina

      Hi denise,

      It is obvious that we don’t know what is going on. Perhaps you can try to flash the ROM again or perform a factory reset to get a fresh installation.

      Let us know if you have any further issues with this.

      Stay tuned to our blog!


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