HTC One clone (iHTC One Plus) : review [Updated]

htc one clone

HTC One clone : what you had been looking for..

If you are looking for an HTC One clone the iHTC One Plus is the phone you are looking for. Indeed, it’s one of the most awaited clones of the summer, now after several anxious weeks of waiting, the best clone has arrived..and we want to bring it to our readers so we can all learn a bit more about it.

A lot of chinese smartphones fans out there had been mailing us asking for a proper clone with the OEM logos on it – so, if you always wanted to have an HTC One clone, with logos and stuffed with the latest Android version out there – this is the right phone for you!

Let’s get a glimpse over the major features of this phone:

It has plenty of little details – as we’ll see next – but first of all let’s check out the specifications and features as these can lead to some misunderstandings. The above specifications are the real ones, forget any other specifications claimed in any other sites claiming that this knockoff has a 1,7 GHz Snapdragon or things like that, this is FALSE. If you check the infographic above, you can see that this iHTC One Plus comes with 2GB RAM (it has circa 1,5GB indeed) and 16GB of ROM. At the same time, a MTK6589T processor powers this smartphone, NOT a 1,7GHz Snapdragon like some sites out there claim.

So, we have so far:

  • MTK6589T (forget Snapdragon)
  • 2GB RAM (1,5 GB available)
  • 16GB ROM
  • Non-removable battery.

htc one clone

Let’s move into details, as you already may know this clone comes with the OEM logos all around the place, this is the manufacturer logo and the famous earphones manufacturer logo as well. So, besides the front cover logos which are engraved under the glass, you also have the aforementioned OEM logos (HTC +beatsaudio) at the back of the phone, making this feature one of the most demanded amongst all the chinese smartphones fans out there!

htc one clone

The Power button and the 3,5 mm Audio jack:

htc one clone

Now let’s see some of the main differences between the iHTC One Plus and the original HTC phone…they seem identical at first glance, but if you want to learn how to spott them you should take a look at what we’ll be explaining below:


htc one clone

From now on, the device at your left is the genuine one, while the one at your right is the clone.

HTC logo is engraved at the back (in black) while in the genuine HTC it has a more silver colour. You can see as well, some differences between letters, such as the ‘T’, which is thicker in the clone, and the ‘H’, is has some kind of 90 degree bend while in the genuine version it has some curvature. Beatsaudio logo at the back is 1:1 as well as all the FCC, CE,Recycling marking.

htc one clone

You can see that the engraved HTC logo on the clone it’s a lot darker than in the genuine model, as well as the ‘audio’ word


The front cover is exclusively made out of metal (and glass for the screen, of course), and the back cover is made out of plastic.If you check the back cover, you can see that the reflective cavity of the LED flash is yellow on the genuine HTC, while in the clone is dark. This is just a minour detail, at first sight  you get the same power and light dispersion between each other.

htc one clone

LED flash has a yellow refraction cavity in the genuine model (left) while the clone has none (or darker one.. by the way)


The buttons in the clone (right) are not retroiluminated (do not dim) and the HTC central button stands brings you to MENU. Take into account that the clone has no HTC Sense so the disposal of the buttons, although being the same, in terms of features it’s different as it has different software compatibilities.

htc one clone

Staying at the front cover, we must say that only the top speaker works, while the bottom one has no functionality, just the drilled metal frame but there’s no speaker behind. Just in case we did not mention this..the clone is 1:1 OEM so you can use the original case for the HTC One.

For all the Antutu lovers out there, here you have the benchmark results:

htc one clone

Antutu results

And just to summarize and as a reminder, the iHTC One Plus comes with G-Sensor, GPS/ A-GPS, proximity sensor, light sensor and magnetic field sensor (compass).

For those who want to know ‘What’s in the box’ take a look at this pictures as this is what you’ll find if you buy one of these iHTC ONE Clones!

htc one clone htc one clone htc one clone htc one clone

Still wondering if this is a good clone? Check this out! Are you able to spot the genuine one and the clone? Tough huh?

htc one clone

You also have the original HTC Boot Animation..can you ask for more? I don’t think so!

htc one clone

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You can buy this phone [HERE]

Thanks for reading us and stay tuned for the next post!

The Team.

Comparison & unboxing pics/videos by: s7yler
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    making recovery mode could know if the htc one m7 is original or a copy please tell me

  2. luis

    can you tell if it is original by the recovery mode power button + volume

    please respond

    • multicorechina

      Hi calagan,

      There’s no prediction – in the near future – that KitKat ROMS are released for this device.

      So let’s wait and see if the manufacturer releases them soon.

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