iOcean X7 Elite SAR documents.

As maintenance tasks are coming to an end, our next step, besides generating cool and interesting content – which we do every day- will be to fulfill our reader’s demands, as we have received circa a hundred emails asking for the homologation&test compliance documents according to EU (European Union) standards (which is usually searched as ‘iocean x7 elite sar’ in Google by the way) and also some of you asked about the  radiation levels of the iOcean X7 Elite , well…we are going to update the iOcean X7 Elite Review with the requested documents that have been sent to us straight from iOcean’s headquarters in Shenzen (China) in order that you can check for yourselves that it has passed all kind of tests and homologation procedures.

UPDATE 31/07/2013: (It has been added to the iOcean X7 Elite review as well!)


  • Expert Opinion of the Notified Body on the Conformity Assessment according to Article 10.5 of R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC at PHOENIX TESTLAB EU Identification Number CE 0700 (CE-marking). (Health & Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Effective Use of the Radio Spectrum) Downloadable here.
  • CE SAR TEST REPORT in accordance with the requirements of EN62209 , EN50360 and Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC. Downloadable here.

If you have any questions or you would like to post a comment concerning both the homologation test procedures and SAR about the iOcean X7 Elite please don’t hesitate and go ahead, we will try to answer all the questions you send us.

Thanks for reading us!

The Team.

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