TCL IDOL X S950 : review

tcl idol x

TCL Idol X S950: review

TCL IDOL X S950 : review

The TCL Idol X S950 is a very well-known device in the chinese smartphones scene. It is indeed, the official clone of a famous Alcatel Idol device. But, this TCL Idol X in our humble opinion, is the way to go if you want a pretty decent balance between features, performance, design and build quality.

tcl idol x

This may sound familiar to you if you are in the chinese smartphones scene, but no everybody out there knows it, they think TCL and ALCATEL are different companies, and this is not true. In fact, the Alcatel Idol was conceived for the Euro/US market, while the TCL Idol was set up for Asia and rest of the world, but today with the aid of internet there’s no boundaries, so you can get them both.

TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited is currently the fastest growing major mobile vendor in the world due to the success of its broad range of well-designed, easy-to-use and affordable mobile devices and internet products available in over 100 countries worldwide.

tcl idol x

The company itself designs, manufactures and markets its portfolio of products under 2 brand names(and here comes the funny part): TCL and ALCATEL ONE TOUCH. Besides that, TCL Communication is a public company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and hence, it is one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world. Note that the Alcatel Idol is a Dual-Core (MTK6577) and the TCL Idol X is as we will find out later on, a Quad-Core with the latest MTK6589T.

Said that, let’s talk about the device itself. We previously said that the TCL Idol X S950 is an interesting device, but not only from a tight budget point of view – we prefer this phone because of the huge scene that lays behind it – such as an official forum that gives us endless possibilities in terms of customization such as ROMs and awesome tweaks.

tcl idol x

There is like a bunch of ROMs out there to try on this device so if you like to mess with flashing, installing drivers and tweaking your device you can have a lot of fun.

Let’s go by parts then – as Jack the Ripper said – here you have a small list of the major features:


The unibody design combined with the narrow screen frame makes this TCL Idol X S950 stand out from the crowd. It is light, comfortable once you grab it and the screen is huge, specially if your former phone was a 4.3 inch like ours.

tcl idol x

Mobile connectivity:

The TCL Idol X S950  comes with full quad band capabilities in terms of 2G technology (voice) plus as per the 3G (WCDMA) it covers the 900 and 2100 frequencies. Note that this is a micro-SIM card device (x2 SIM cards).

tcl idol x


As previously stated, it has full 802.11 support with the b/n/g  bands.


As previously stated, it comes with a 5.0 inch display IPS (441PPI) which is a type of LCD design that affords greater viewing angles and higher-quality color reproduction.

tcl idol x

The screen viewing angle is something between 175-178º.Yup, and the screen is a 10-points multi-touch, allowing you to smoothly control your device even if you are wearing gloves.

tcl idol x


According to the specifications we came along, it is said that this TCL Idol X (S950) comes with a Sony Exmor RS sensor.

tcl idol x

At the same time, combined with the f/2.0 lens (focal aperture) plus the 13MP rear camera and the 3MP front camera make this smartphone very capable in terms of taking breathtaking pictures.

tcl idol x


It comes with an embedded battery (non-removable) of 2000 mAh, which seems to be a little under any techie’s expectations when it comes to 5.0 inches phones. But, you can always tweak your apps and running processes to improve its lifespan, as well as reduce your screen’s brightness.

tcl idol x

What’s in the box:

- 1x TCL Idol X S950

- 1x User Manual

- 1x Travel charger

- 1x User Manual.

tcl idol x

 Although they are in Chinese you can download a user’s manual here. They are very intuitive as they are fully packed with a bunch of pictures and figures.

tcl idol x


The built-in 3 axis gyroscope enables this TCL Idol X S950 to perform some very well-known movements such as:

-Muting calls by flipping the phone.

-Muting alarm.

-Change music tracks by shaking the device.

Extra features:

-LED notifier.

-FM Radio with full RDS functionality.

-1080p video playback.

-OTG Function.

-Wi-Fi Direct.

-Wi-Fi Display (WiDi).

-Sd card upgrade not supported.

Benchmark Results:

Below you can find several benchmark tests performed to this device. Note that this benchmark tests were performed with the stock launcher.

tcl idol x

TCL IDOL X S950: benchmark result

We also ran one of the world’s most widely adopted graphics benchmarking software used by mobile phone manufacturers and semiconductor companies, this is Basemark™ ES 2.0 Taiji Free. This provides a scientifically designed and reliable game scene – Taiji Girl – to test the 3D graphics performance of the embedded device.

tcl idol x

TCL IDOL X S950 Basemark score

tcl idol x

TCL IDOL X S950 Basemark score

It combines high-detail 3D content that taxes OpenGL ES 2.0 while performing several hardware benchmarking in a realistic and stunning way.

General videos:

Yup, this TCL Idol X is currently out of stock, but hopefully it’ll be available soon.

You can buy it [HERE] and [HERE]

Thanks for reading us and see you in the next post!

The Team.

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    • multicorechina

      Hi Ad,

      We will ask one of our friends living in Beijing that attended the presentation of this device and we will ask him if he knows how to solve this.

      Send us an email in one week or so if you haven’t heard from us.

      Stay tuned! ;)

    • multicorechina

      Hi Alberto,

      Sorry for the late reply, we are really busy.

      Check this site to learn more about the frequencies supported in Argentina.

    • multicorechina

      Hey Long Nguyen!

      I don’t really see what you mean, but if I check the link the info on it is exactly the same as the one we post in our review though..

      Thanks for your contribution!

      Stay tuned!

      The Team

    • multicorechina

      Hi Yohan!

      If you check the infographic above you can see that we mention that this is a MTK6589T, which comes with a 2GB RAM slot.

      Check the manufacturer’s specifications here -the same ones we mentioned in our post-

      Idol X s950

      Thanks for reading us and thank you for your contribution!

      The Team.


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