Vivo Xplay3S review : DIY disassembly

vivo xplay 3s review how to disassemble

Vivo Xplay3S review : disassembly guide (DIY style)!

Vivo XPlay3S is finally among us after several weeks of its purchase! The all-new Vivo Xplay3S is certainly one of the most powerful smartphones to date.Its hardware configuration teams up with the latest state-of-the-art technology specially when it comes to fit one of the first 2K screens. On the other hand, it comes with the Qualcomm 800 Snapdragon MSM8974AB chipset clocked @ 2,3 GHz.

vivo xplay3S review back cover removed

On top of that, a 3GB of RAM DDR3 slot is the cherry on top of the cake. Add to this a 32GB ROM (internal memory) and a 3200 mAh battery and you will get the crème de la crème chinese smartphone.

Take a look at its major specifications in the infographic below:

And NO…no Sd card support :C

So, seen the specs above…we are going to disassemble this Vivo Xplay3S in order to find out what’s inside.

vivo xplay3S review sim card groove vivo xplay3S review diy disassemblyAs it has no visible screws, first of all we are going to remove the back cover in order to gain access to the aforementioned screws that will allow us to remove every piece out of it. Remember to remove the SIM card groove prior dismantling. You can use some kind of plastic pry opening tool. Just like this one [HERE]

vivo xplay3S review rear speaker cover disassemblyNow we are going to remove all seven scews that hold the speaker cover in place. As you can see it’s pretty easy, just grab a screwdriver and unscrew them patiently. After the last screw has been done you can remove the plastic cover. Do not lose any screw! If you do so, forget about it, there’s no shop where you can get new ones.

vivo xplay3S review back cover speaker cover removalMoving to the hard-core of this you can see the rear camera and the fingerprint scanner right below. As you can see we need to remove the plastic frame in order to be able to access the screw (see red box in the image) that will help us tear the plastic cover apart.

vivo xplay3S review rear camera + fingerprint scanner DIY disassemblyHere comes the tough part, note that by removing this screw the warranty is void so proceed at your own risk! Said that, you can remove this screw without too much worry, it’s just an average screw that holds all the sub-assembly in place. There’s absolutely no problem in removing this, it’s just a tracing method that the manufacturer uses to see if the smartphone has been manipulated before.

vivo xplay3S review beware that removing this screw your warranty will be voidedOnce we takek this piece apart, now we can see all the innards of this Vivo Xplay3S. From now on, proceed with caution because if a little tiny piece of plastic or whatsoever falls inside the PCB board it can lead to malfunction or hardware error.

vivo xplay3S review pcb board disassemblyPCB board is exposed so you can see lots of hardware ..rear camera, LED flash, ground connection, data bus, battery connection and so can now take a closer look to the main conections attached to the PCB board. Just as a reminder, nearly 50% of the malfunctions that usually arise after a phone disassembly are due to a faulty a reassembly, so please check all the forthcoming connections twice before getting everything back to its place.

vivo xplay3S review hardware pcb boardMain signal wire needs to be unplugged in order to remove the battery and all the nearby hardware parts. Proceed with caution as this is a very important and critic part of your Vivo Xplay3S.

vivo xplay3S review signal cableCarefully hold the Synaptics (multi-touch chipset) far away from the main PCB board as this will allow you to remove it without any interference or danger of ripping anything apart. Keep calm and be cautious!

vivo xplay3S review synpatics chipset vivo xplay3S review synpatics chipThe whole PCB board has been removed – mission accomplished – the main shield remains attached to the smartphone’s case.

vivo xplay3S review pcb board whole DIY vivo xplay3S review rear camera + samsung ram slotAbove you can see one of the most important chips in the Vivo Xplay3S – the Samsung 346 K3QF7FF70DM that powers the whole thing up with 3 Gigabytes of RAM memory. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

vivo xplay3S review 32 GB ROM chipset toshibaTime for the random acces memory slot aka ROM. As we said before, this Toshiba chipset has an overall capacity of 32GB allowing fast access to previously cached data. Below you can see the DAC – ES9018K2M is a high-performance audio converter that allows both syncronous and asynchronous sample rate converter modes with a distortion free signal processing engine.

vivo xplay3S review audio chipsetThis is the 13 MP Rear camera in its housing. As you can see the main housing that allocates the lenses it has a rather rough finish in order to prevent glare and unwanted shine on reflective objects.

vivo xplay3S review rear camera 13 megapixelsTime for the front 5 MP camera. Much more simple compared with the rear camera – the housing is made of plastic not so for the aforementioned – that comes with a full metal housing – matter of price I’m afraid.

vivo xplay3S review front camera 5 megapixels cameraThis is the Qualcomm LTE chipset known as WTR2100 – little tiny piece of electronics that gets you hooked onto LTE networks.

vivo xplay3S review LTE qualcomm chipsetPrior disassembling the whole PCB board please remember to remove the ground connections attacted to the data bus.

vivo xplay3S review ground connectionAfter the whole DIY tutorial, this is what we got so far. The whole disassembling process finishes here, now it should be no problem to assemble everything back again without losing a single screw. Are you ready to rebuild this Vivo Xplay3S?

vivo xplay3S review audio decoder chipsetThis OPA2604 audio chipset will be replaced in a future post on the Xplay version so stay tuned to this Vivo post series!

vivo xplay3S review full DIY disassemblyYou can get your Vivo Xplay3S and all Vivo smartphones [HERE] or the MTK6592 version [HERE]

Thanks for reading us and see you in the next post and please feel free to leave your comments below. Would you disassemble your Vivo Xplay 3S ?

The Team.

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  1. Zarloc

    Do you know if the pins under the battery connector is for JTAG ?
    If yes, do you know yhe pin order ?

    • multicorechina

      HI silveritwa,

      If you are patient enough, I can post some pics of the front camera module and prices.

      But we are currently very busy, so expect some news after a couple of weeks.

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  2. arieljr

    Do you guys know what are the network bands supported by this phone??

    • multicorechina

      Hola arieljr!

      These are the supported frequencies.

      2G GSM850/900/1800/1900
      3G (WCDMA / TD) WCDMA: 2100MHz/1900MHz/850MHz
      TD-SCDMA :1880-1920MHz / 2010-2025MHz
      4G-LTETDD-LTE: 1900MHz/2300MHz/2600MHz
      FDD-LTE: 1800MHz/2600MHz

      Hope this helps!


  3. multicorechina

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    This is Funtouch OS…the operative system found on the Vivo Xplay 3S!

    Check the image quality with the brand-new 2K screen!

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